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Navitas Spa Consulting

SPA Concepts, Design, Feasibility and Management Support

Navitas SPA is both a commercial partner to SPA businesses and a management consultant for ispa business. In partnerships with the SPA business, a profit-sharing business is made.

In addition, management consultancy is also available if requested.
Navitas Spa, with the knowledge and experience gained over the years, follows the establishment of your business from the very beginning to the end of your SPA facility and keep the quality and standards of the products to be used at every stage under control.

We present the situation to the owner of the business in reports to the extent of the determined practices. We evaluate the structure of your business, which you want to establish with SPA concept consultancy, in today's conditions. We do the necessary infrastructure work in advance and examine the systems in accordance with the current understanding with all their aspects and create your style and business logic.

With Navitas SPA personnel consultancy; positioning of staff in spa businesses and monitoring, measuring and evaluating staff information is conducted. In addition, we make up for the lack of qualified personnel by working to find the necessary personnel for the recruitment of new personnel. We share years of experience in the SPA sector with you, our valuable solution partners, with a portfolio of well-trained and experienced personnel.

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